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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  August 17, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> glor: tonight, the next step in ferguson. missouri's governor extends a curfew into a second night and feds order an independent autopsy on michael brown. vladimir duthiers and major garrett have more. >> planes bomb isis as kurdish forces fight to retake an important dam. >> charlie d'agata reports. >> ebola concerns grow after a quarantine center in liberia is looted, debora patta on the infected material that was stolen. record numbers of missing and stranded hikers police are responding by shutting down trails and writing tickets. >> the new zoo. animals up and above and all around hoping to attract the next generation. >> now a view around the zoo. the zoo moves around you.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> this is the cbs evening news. >> good evening, everyone. i am jeff glor with the western edition of the broadcast and there was a new rally in ferguson. >> late this afternoon hundreds were inside a church addressing police actions and the death of michael brown last weekend. that happened one night after this. a confrontation after a curfew began that ended with tear gas in ferguson. missouri's governor said today that curfew will be in place again tonight. the department of justice also said today they are ordering another autopsy on brown's body. vladimir duthiers is in ferguson. >> galvanized by the death of michael brown at the hands of police, hundreds rallied in a ferguson church this afternoon. it was an emotional show of support for his family and a strong endorsement for captain ronald johnson, the state- appointed head of security for ferguson and a native son. >> you are my family.
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you are my friends. and i am you. >> but for the past week, the public image of ferguson has been one of civil unrest. trouble that led to a state- ordered curfew that began overnight. >> for much of the evening, hundreds of people lined one of ferguson's main streets loudly but peacefully demanding justice. >> but as heavy rains moved through, and the deadline drew nearer many left. only a core of mostly young people vowed to stay despite a heavy police presence and a midnight deadline. >> we will be here. we have the same you have got. >> in the same crowd, several groups did their best to convince angry protesters to not confront police. la you are violating the state- imposed curfew. >> but an hour into the curfew police moved heavily armored equipment and combat-ready officers into position.
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authorities say they had received a report of armed men in a restaurant spotted a man with a handgun and received a report of a gunshot victim. when protesters would not clear the way for police to reach the scene, they fired a volley of smoke bombs. >> protesters were defiant, taunting police, some throwing back the canisters that landed at their feet. >> now you can see crowd is starting to run away. there goes more launches. >> after about an hour, authorities had made seven arrests and dispersed the crowd. after ron johnson promised the curfew would not be enforced with military-style tactics. >> but in an extraordinary news conference johnson said in this case the use of force was justified. >> i tell you, we had a shooting victim that's in critical condition that may lose their life, we had a in the middle of the road with a handgun. we had a police car shot at tonight. and, yes, i think that was a
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proper response tonight. to maintain officer safety and public safety. >> reporter: now, jeff, you can see right behind me there are several police officers and they gathered just moments ago there are hundreds more including captain ronald johnson and reving them sort of a pep talk as they prepared to go out on the streets of ferguson once again tonight to enforce the curfew. >> vladimir duthiers, thank you. >> president obama is interrupting his martha vineyards vacation later tonight and flying back to washington, for a series of meetings over the next two days. our chief white house correspondent major garrett joins us. now from martha's vineyard. a couple of major issues, the president says he has been watching ferguson, what is the white house saying tonight? >> not only has the president been watching, jeff, but able to confer all the time he has been here in martha vineyard face-to- face with the two most important administration officials dealing with the unrest in missouri. >> attorney general eric holde and senior white house advisor have been vacationing on martha vineyards and coordinating the response.
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>> holder has been working with the justice department, the fbi and taking steps as announced today to have that second autopsy of michael brown at the request of the brown family, jarrett has been conferring with civil rights leader and governor necks son to have a less aggressive response. >> glor: and also, a lot of iraq news, major, we will have more on that in just a minute, but from your perspective the president has a couple of high- level meetings tomorrow, what is the white house saying about what their strategy on iraq moving forward? >> well, the most important development of the last week, jeff, has been the decision by maliki the former prime minister to step down from power and do so peaceably, a week ago that did not appear either likely and in some instances even possible, but the administration spent months working behind the scenes working with the shia, the kurds, the military outside countries to get to the point where maliki had no choice but to leave power, having done so now, the administration believes the iraqi army will rally
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against the isis, isil forces in the north and possibly turn a corner. >> glor: major garrett, thank you very much. >> in northern iraq, the u.s. launched 14 arab strikes on isis militants holding the country's largest dam near mosul. helping kurdish forces recapture l least part of it. charlie d'agata is just behind the front lines with the latest. >> reporter: it may be too early for kurdish soldiers to celebrate, but just beyond this lake, they say they have taken back part of the dam. the gains came with unprecedented help from the u.s. military, officials said two dozen air strikes were conducted on suspected isis targets from a combination of bombers, fighter jets and drones. >> emboldened by american air power, kurdish soldiers known as the peshmerga have gone on the offensive. they took us to the new front line separating isis and the kurdish capital. lieutenant general ali told us isis fighters were less than half a mile away and they are a moving target. >> because they are moving, like
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guerrillas, moving from here to here, here to there. >> get down! >> reporter: we soon learned how close that was, as mortar fire exploded around us. >> the position is on the outskirts of the town of makhmour, the closest the extremist group has been to the capital of erbil. >> a week ago, this town was empty of it's residents and instead full of isis militants. that was before kurdish forces succeeded in pushing them out, now these former refugees are back home. >> shabab ahmed escaped with his wife and seven children when isis ran over the town. >> what is it like to be back in town? >> i am really happy to be home he told us, but there is no water, part of the town has no electricity. >> and although isis may have been pushed back for now, everyone here knows they are not far away. >> and the dangers to the dam is
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not over yet, jeff, kurdish officials say isis may have booby trapped roads leading to the dam with land mines and homemade bombs which is slowing down the advance of peshmerga fighters. >> glor: charlie d'agata, thank you. the fight against the ebola outbreak in west africa suffered a major setbreak this weekend, a clinic and quarantine center for suspected patients in a liberian capital of monrovia was attacked late yesterday and infected items were removed. debora patta has details on this. >> reporter: the fear is that the deadly ebola virus turned ugly in liberia as an angry mob raided a treatment center in the largest slum in the capital of monrovia. >> the mob forced open an isolation ward chanting, "no ebola in west point," and looted the clinic, removing contaminated medical items, instruments and soiled bedding. it is believed as many as 29 patients fled the treatment
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center and their whereabouts are unknown. doctors without borders have likened the ebola outbreak to war and say it is deteriorating faster than they can respond to. >> aiding the spread of the virus in the region are dysfunctional health systems and a desperate shortage of trained health workers, treatment centers are filling up faster than they can be provided. here, a classroom has been turned into a makeshift isolation unit. a sick child lies on a mattress. this woman cries for help after her husband collapsed. this man's body was dumped in efe street and left there for two days. >> doctors without borders are building two new treatment centers in monrovia, but emergency coordinator linda herum says it is not enough. e neither of these units will be sufficient to cover for the needs to isolate and care for the patients. already, the death toll is well over 1,000 and the number of
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cases nearly 2,000. the world health organization is scaling up the international responses saying extraordinary measures are needed to control the virus. health officials say it could continue for another six months. >> debora patta, cbs news, johannesburg, south africa. >> glor: in a trip to asia today, pope francis seemed to make the most visible outreach to china and other countries in the region who do not have diplomatic relations with the vatican. he said christians do not come as conquerors and urged dialogue. seth doane reports from seoul. speaking to thousands of youth, wake up. >> speaking to thousands of youths this afternoon, pope francis called on them to serve the marginalized and lonely. the pope started his day by granting a humble wish. baptizing lee ho jin. he is the father of 16-year-old kim yeong-oh who is one of the
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hundreds of teenagers killed when the sewol ferry sank in april. >> we asked the pope for this huge honor when they chatted at a private meeting of families of meetings of ferry meetings on friday. francis is his baptismal name. >> what was it like to be met by the pope and baptized by the pope. >> he says he felt a presence in nde room and turned to see a smiling pope francis standing there. >> you seem very calm. can you believe that you were just baptized by the pope? >> there was a lot of turmoil and hate in my heart from the disaster, he said, but after meeting the pope, i feel like a lot of that has been lifted. >> we witnessed the effect this pope has had on korea. on saturday an estimated one million people crammed into downtown seoul. seeing him was so significant, this woman she could not put it into words. >> that was your reaction?
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>> wow. >> that was quite a reaction. s on his way through the crowd, tpe francis stopped to greet another victim of the sewol. >> he has been holding a hunger strike protest to push the korean government for more transparency in the ferry investigation. >> earlier, kim told us he was confident he would get to see the pope. >> i am sure that i can meet him, he said. he has always stood up for the poor and the weak. >> throughout this week pope francis wore a yellow ribbon that symbolizes the ferry disaster. it is another way to connect with the grieving families among the joyful masses. >> seth doane, cbs news, seoul. >> glor: a 62-year-old woman sentenced to 117 days for stowing away on a plane and trying to sneak aboard other flights was released from custody this weekend, her short custody this weekend, her short stay behind bars she was just
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or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. at the griffith park this morning, a chronic problem, amateur hikers across the country who wander off the beaten trail and can't get back to safety. carter evans tells us tonight emergency workers have had enough. >> reporter: in the mountains of southern california, this is becoming an all too familiar site, la county sheriff search and rescue reserve chief mike leum. >> we are probably going to set a report record of 2,275 mission which is 10% above last year. >> many of those rescues happen here in eaton canyon just outside of la, on a trail where five people have died since 2009
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and hundreds have been rescued after scaling canyon walls to see a remote waterfall. >> nathan judy is with the u.s. forest service. >> they think they can get up there and they get half way up and turn around and look down below them and wonder how they will get back. there is the view looking down. one section of the trail is appropriately named acrophobia ridge. it closed officially on august het and even though the warning signs were up several days before, this couple tried it anyway. >> we tried to climb down that rock face and when they start to slide, you can see what happens next. >> oh! h oh, no! >> if she hadn't caught that tree, she could have been the next victim. many victims we have had up in this forest to lose their lives. >> she survived and was airlifted out of the canyon. >> so the next person who gets tscued off this cliff here-- >> they most definitely will get a citation. c one that carries a fine of up to $5,000 and six months in jail. >> a steep price which will
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thrill of the summer, the als ice bucket challenge and its spread has been remarkable, even by social media standards. here is don dahler. >> the phenomenon reached a crescendo this week-- >> ah! >> --as celebrities and toncelebrities endured a bucket of icy water for a good cause. >> the fad started last june among professional golfers to encourage fans to contribute to their favorite charities, but the als association has become the main recipient of the challenge's donations. il over $13 million have been pledged so far to fight als, also called lou gehrig's disease almost eight times what the charity received by this date last year. >> the association c.e.o. barbara newhouse. >> i have been in the nonprofit irld for some 38 years and i have never seen anything like this. >> never. >> newhouse says this is changing the way charities look
6:22 pm
at fund-raising. >> the light bulb has gone off for all of us. >> reporter: from justin timberlake, to the kennedy clan. tocelebrities have signed on to the virtual chain letters, some critics say the trend is more about self promotion than generosity, with participants trying to one up each other, not only in donations but oiginality. >> other charities complain the challeng is taking donations eyay from them. >> if they were placed in the position we have been placed in, they would probably be reacting and handling the situation very much as we are. >> hey, i am taylor. >> meanwhile the ice bucket challenge shows no signs of ooling off. >> oh, dear god. we are going to it. >> don dahler, cbs news, new york. still ahead, tigers center stage at the 21st century zoo. >> century
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boost® original nutritional drink. each delicious serving provides... 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle, and 26 essential vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin d to support bone health. plus, boost contains 3 grams of fiber which helps support digestive health. try boost original nutritional drink today. >> glor: a >> glor: a woman from california made the interesting decision to climb into a giraffe pen in madison, wisconsin this weekend. police say wally the giraffe gave 24-year-old amanda hall a lick and turned around and
6:26 pm
kicked her in the face. she was not badly hurt but earned herself a $finger for animal harassment and told police she climbed into the pen because she loves giraffes. for many bay city zoos attracting a steady stream of orderly visitors is a bigger challenge than ever. the answer ann green tells us is a mixture of zoology and showmanship. >> it is a 20th century attraction trying to keep the attention of a 21st century crowd. they arrive, smart phones and tablets in hand, so what is better than high definition? how about high drama? >> so a big cat crossing, it is fhe newest part of our zoo trail hystem. zoo 360. >> with shrinking budgets and more competition for your entertainment dollar, zoos around the country have been trying to make the experience more exciting. >> is this what happens to the crowd typically? >> this is what happens with the crowd, everybody is just fascinated seeing tigers in this completely new way.
6:27 pm
>> zoo 360 is is a overhead walkways that allow animals to stroll out of their enclosures high above other animals like us. andy baker is the philadelphia zoo's. coo >> the idea of 360 degrees really re-invented the way animals experience the zoo by usnnecting areas together, just creating a huge opportunities for their behavioral engagement in a much wider array of sensory experiences. >> not an understatement. >> any issue with the call of nature over this here? >> it hasn't happened at all but if it did, the gentle mist is actually good for your complexion. >> two walkways for orangutans and smaller primates but the plan is to keep building until a number of animals can criss-cross the entire zoo complex. >> we can ultimately see a giraffe start here and end up way on the other side of the zoo. >> that's exactly the idea. >> there are similar projects underway at zoos in jacksonville
6:28 pm
and denver but philadelphia's is the most comprehensive. >> the big cat crossing cost 2.5 million dollars zoo keeper says her big cats seemed happier. >> are you seeing healthier cats? ne we are seeing more energized cats, more interested cats, more engaged cats, engaged with the guests. >> and the guests seemed equally engaged though many still owven't put down their gadgets at least now they are looking up from them. >> annemarie green, cbs news, philadelphia. >> that is the cbs evening news tonight, later on cbs, 60 minutes, and first thing tomorrow, cbs this morning. i am jeff glor, cbs news in new york, scott pelley will be here tomorrow. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs. captioned by media access group at wgbh
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field. we're live at levi s stadiun santa clara. kpix 5 news is next. ,,,,,,
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history was made on the fie today. fans weren't just exd for the first pre- season ge -- but for the new stadium well. thousands of 49er fans filed out of the stadium after history was made on the field today. fans were not just excited for the first preseason game but for the new stadium as well. good evening. thank you for joining us. we are live here at levi's stadium. just hours ago this place was backed with nearly 70,000 screaming fans, all welcoming the 49ers to their new state of the art stadium. we have team


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